A sanitary sewer upgrade project in Nisku, AB was experiencing ground water infiltration into the manholes through the barrel joints, pipe entries and pin-holes in the concrete barrels.

The entire project was installed in the drainage ditch of the local industrial park, resulting in very high levels of water around each manhole.

Infiltration increased during and shortly after any rainstorms, slowly decreasing as the water migrated into the ground.

The construction of each manhole consisted of standard concrete barrels, gasket pipe entries and runner gaskets for the pre-cast joints.

As hydrostatic pressure was an issue, many of the pre-cast joints experienced failure of the gasket seals.

Mountain Waterproofing was contracted to seal all infiltrations into the manholes (over 40 manholes)  using the chemical grout application.


Each leak was successfully sealed with our process, resulting in the sanitary system passing completion inspections.

Anytime that ground water, or more importantly, surface water collecting around the sewer system, the gasket systems should be upgraded to the Mountain Waterproofing DryVault system, ensuring the sewer system stays free of ground water infiltration.